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Find below a list of frequently asked questions.

What is a MEC Hackathon in general?

A hackathon is a design event in which application developers (incl. graphic, UX, interface, protocol designers and project management) collaborate in order to develop new service or application within a limited amount of time. The goals of a MEC hackathon are:

  • MEC promotion: Promoting knowledge and adoption of ETSI MEC ISG standards and in particular application development utilizing MEC service APIs;
  • Feedback to the standards: Gathering feedback on the ETSI MEC ISG on the developed standards from the end users and validating in practice their ease of adoption, applicability and flexibility in different fields of application;
  • MEC Innovation: Fostering the creation of use cases, applications and services in the context of Multi Access Edge Computing within areas of interest for ETSI MEC ISG.

More info in the official MEC wiki page

What’s about the topic of this specific Hackathon event?

The focus of the Hackathon is to develop VR/AR/entertainment applications (here termed “EVA apps”) for in-car mobile solutions using ETSI MEC based technologies. Candidate Developers’ Teams are free to choose a specific challenge adhering to the above topic.

Is the participation free of charge?

Yes, the submission is free of charge, as well as the Hackathon attendance for the selected teams.

How can I apply as candidate team for the competition?

Please register here not later than 10 July 2018.

All the submissions should include a description of the idea; the target EVA application; information on any intention to reuse / integrate code from past activities, or other projects / prototypes / products on AR/VR (highly recommended); and a CV for each team member. Any complementary material (e.g. short videoclips) related to the idea is welcomed.

IMPORTANT: Submissions should clearly state how the team intends to use ETSI MEC APIs (available at https://forge.etsi.org/).

NOTE: whilst the use of MEC service APIs is not mandatory, teams are encouraged to utilize them. Submissions will be evaluated by the Hackathon Organizing Committee based on various criteria, e.g. relevance to the Call for Developers, assessed relevance of the in-car use case, usage of MEC APIs, composition of the team, level of maturity of the project.

I’m alone in the Team, can I apply as well?

Of course you could, but this is not recommended, as teams are selected also based on the composition of a team, especially due to their capability to bring value into the competition.

Is it possible to reuse my existing/past projects on AR/VR ?

Of course, candidates are encouraged to reuse their existing or past projects with Entertainment and/or VR/AR applications, and apply/adapt for the present Hackathon.

Are we asked to produce a commercial application?

Not necessarily. You can bring your application at the competition, but this will be tested in an emulated environment (i.e. not in a real car!), and with a WiFi connection at the Hackathon venue. As showed in the Call for Developers document, EVA apps should be designed to run on different instances (on commercial smartphones, on MEC hosts, remote servers)

What kind of equipment are we requested to bring at the Hackathon?

Please refer to the simple setup below. You will be asked only to bring at least your smartphones (wifi capable, to connect with the Hackathon infrastructure) and your laptops (for developing your own code and trying it). In addition you may need to bring your own VR/AR devices, depending on your application. No further equipment are requested (i.e. the Wifi access point will provide connectivity to the MEC platform provided at the venue, and to the Internet).


How should I use the MEC Platform?

If your Team will be selected, you will be provided all the technical information (including the MEC platform guide) on how to use the infrastructure and APIs. In the meantime, you can find already available for your reference:

  • The description of MEC APIs, according to OpenAPI specification, available at this ETSI Forge.
  • A videoclip, showing a demo example on how to call MEC APIs from an application software development perspective.

How can I have more technical clarifications about the submission?

For further information, please visit the website: www.etsi.org/mec-hackathon-1-berlin Or contact us at 1ST_ETSI_MEC_HACKATHON_BERLIN@LIST.ETSI.ORG